Who we are

JCM Inc. is a principal investor and advisory firm working with companies in the power, infrastructure, clean technology, and battery metals sectors. The firm, which is headquartered in Toronto, primarily services small and mid-cap issuers in North America and around the world. The firm has comprehensive coverage of the complete energy spectrum – from renewable energy and clean technology to conventional utilities to energy linked natural resources such as graphite, lithium and rare earth. Our focused approach allows us to provide our clients with unique insight through our ability to analyze all of the influencing factors within the clean and conventional energy sectors.

The JCM Inc. leadership has participated in over $7 billion in renewable equity financing.

JCM Inc. leadership includes some of the most accomplished advisers in the renewable power and utility sectors, globally. Our principals have acted as lead advisers to some of the largest utility transactions in the world, have been advisers to governments and corporations on carbon and electricity issues, and have served in senior political positions acting as decision makers on renewable power, electricity market design and utility privatization.

First Investment Banker in Canada to focus on Renewables

Arranged the first ever pure play wind company financing in Canada

Financed the developer of the first ever wind project in Ontario

Co-Founder of the largest hydro developer in Sri Lanka

Co-Founder of the largest hydro developer in Uganda

Managed the first ever Production Tax Credit financing in geothermal in the United States

Managed the most geothermal financings globally for public companies

Managed the largest renewable fund in Canada from 2007-2012

First investment banker in Canada to work on offshore wind projects in Europe

Exclusive investment banker for the largest offshore wind developer in Canada


Extensive business relationships across all industry sectors in Canada

Significant private & public sector experience & contacts

Global experience and reach