Strategic partners

Maritime Launch Services (MLS) is a commercial space launch company developing a spaceport in Canso, Nova Scotia. MLS endeavours to provide a reliable, low-cost launch solution for satellites to reach sun-synchronous orbit. Executives include former leaders at NASA and United Paradyne.

Atlantic Canada Offshore Developments (ACOD) is a joint venture between Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and Beothuk Energy. ACOD aims to install 2 GW of offshore wind generation capacity in Atlantic Canada, representing over 2.5% of global offshore wind capacity in 2020.

Voltereum uses blockchain technology to enable peer-to-peer energy trading and promote microgeneration. Voltereum works with Local Distribution Companies to install renewable energy products and manage billing for producers and consumers.

Ceylon Graphite is a graphite producer that controls the majority of known graphite deposits in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has historically been the largest graphite producer in the world and contains the highest concentration of high-purity vein graphite. In addition to raw graphite production, Ceylon Graphite plans to upgrade its product to anode-grade graphite to fuel the world’s lithium-ion batteries.

BigMoon’s mission is to harness the largely untapped oceans and rivers of the world as a source of clean, predictable, and inexhaustible renewable energy.